At the Heritage Guild of Easton

Join us for the unveiling of our new Barrett Shop at our Easton Store!

Come see the entire line of Barrett .50 caliber rifles!

Pay only $10 to test fire some of the most popular Barrett rifles on the market! Range time, safety protection, targets, and ammo ALL included!

Take advantage of our Barrett rep being on site by registering for these one-time only Barrett courses!

REC7 Training and Maintenance Class

10AM - 1PM: 2 hours in the classroom, 1 hour on the range (100 rounds of 5.56 included)

Cost: $99 per student

Course Outline:

  • Weapon system introduction, capabilities, and details.
  • Cleaning and lubrication.
  • Rifle set up.
  • Zeroing techniques.
  • Basic fundamental of shooting.
  • Live fire.

Class size is limited to 24 students. Register before spots are gone! Registration must be made by Thursday, June 16th at midnight.

Barret Firearms Product Knowledge Seminar

2PM - 3:30PM in the Events Center.

Cost: $10 preregistration fee (includes swag and free range demo with Barrett rifles), $20 walk-in price on the day of the event.

Preregistration must be made by Thursday, June 16th at midnight.