Event Packages

Movies that Kick

Who do you want to be? Agent Smith, Dirty Harry, Det. John McClaine, Laura Croft, or the Terminator? Kick it up a notch and play movie trivia to see if you know who shot a Desert Eagle 50AE, or a Smith 629. Is it James Bond who carries an AR-15 or is it the Terminator who uses the Remington 870?

SEAL Team Challenge

The guns in our SEAL Team experience are some of the same firearms used by U.S. Special Operations Groups and Combat Units all over the world. Divide your group into 2 teams and see who can sink their enemy battleships the fastest.

Rev It Up

Looking for an event package with a powerful punch? This is one action-packed hour on the range taking you from zero to 100 in no time flat with an elite selection of firearms. Push that accelerator down and hang on as we take you from 9mm pistols through fully-automatic machine guns! No need to worry about recoil as our staff will show you the right way to fire these insanely fun firearms.

Wild West Package

Guns of the Wild West - Go back in time to the gun slinging era of Doc Holiday, Buffalo Bill, and James West. This is a fun mix of single action guns from Jessie James' Colt revolver to sharp shooting with Annie Oakley's Winchester 1873. This mix of hand guns and long guns make for an action packed hour.

Hole In One Package

The perfect package for the shooter new to the shooting sports. Test your skills and try to get a perfect score on our PAR 6 "golf course." Master the golf course with the .22 rifles & handguns, then move yourself up to the 9mm M&P, the .38 caliber S&W 686, and the 5.56 AR-15.

Zombie Slayer

Travel with the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse and keep the Walking Dead at bay. Before they get too close, take 'em out with an arsenal of firearms found in a nearby small town. We'll even provide the Zombies for the event... Targets that is!

Archery & Crossbow Events

The Hunger Games Archery Event: Our modified Beginner Archery course with a Hunger Games theme.

The Walking Dead Crossbow Event: The Zombie Apocalypse is here! Our modified Beginner Crossbow course with a Walking Dead theme.