Gunsmith & Bowtech


Easton, PA and Rahway, NJ

Complete gunsmithing shop on-site in Easton, PA and Rahway, NJ. We offer a variety of standard and specialized services.

Specialized Services include:
  • Forcing cone and choke modifications.
  • Trigger and action modifications.
  • Sight work, scope installations, bore sighting.
  • Metal refinishing.
  • Wood repair, refinishing.
  • Recoil pads.
  • Muzzle break installation.
  • Re-Barreling.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning.


Branchburg, NJ and Easton, PA

Complete bowtech services in Branchburg, NJ and Easton, PA: Archery Pro Shop Services

Take a tour in The Heritage Guild of Easton by starting at our bowtech station.