Range Etiquette

If you want to go shooting for the first time, all of the rules you must follow can be intimidating and overwhelming. At any range, there are written rules that must be followed. Along with these rules are certain standards of etiquette that are expected from everyone. Gun range etiquette is a blend of common sense, courtesy, and safety. A day at the range is fun, and good range etiquette makes it even better. Below are some basic instructions to make it easier for you on your first trip to the range.

Before You Come to the Range:

  • We require closed toe shoes in the range and recommend that you do not wear low cut shirts to avoid getting burned by spent brass casings.
  • You must bring a valid government issued photo ID card.
  • We require eye and ear protection in the range. Eye and ear protection is available for rent or purchase at the range.
  • Read our FAQ sheet.
  • Consider taking a beginner's class (view our current courses).

If You are Bringing Your Own Firearms or Ammunition:

  • Ensure you are in compliance with your Federal, State, and Local laws before transporting firearms or ammunition in your vehicle.
  • Before leaving home, ensure your firearm and any magazines you have are UNLOADED and the action is OPEN.
  • Transport firearms and ammunition in separate containers.
  • Click here to view our restrictions on firearms or ammunition at Heritage Guild Ranges.

Once You Get to the Range:

  • Check in at the front counter. There is some paperwork you must complete and a safety video to watch before you can start shooting. You will need to provide your government issued photo ID at this time. Your ID will be retained at the range counter for the duration of your time in the range.
  • If you will be renting a gun from us, you will choose which firearm(s) and ammunition you will be using at the range. Rental guns are a great way to familiarize yourself with a variety of firearms and to try out firearms that you are considering for purchase. There will be a fee for renting the gun, as well as for the cost of ammunition. Click here for more information on rental guns.
  • Range time is $20 per person, per hour - second person, same port is $10 per hour. Handgun rental is $12 per hour, and long gun rental is $15 per hour. Discounts on range time and rental guns are available for our program holders! Memberships start at just $29.99 per month for unlimited range time and rental gun discounts! Click here for more information on monthly and annual programs.

Take a tour in The Heritage Guild of Easton by starting at our firearms range.

Heading into the Range:

  • Before you head inside, you'll be given a range pass and if you are renting from us, a rental gun pass(es). At this point, you would put on your eye and ear protection and head inside the range.

    Eye and ear protection must be worn by shooters and observers.

  • REMEMBER, no food or drink is allowed in the range. View range rules here.
  • Observe the "open one door at a time" signage. Make sure one door closes completely before opening the next door and entering the range.

    Once inside the range, you'll be greeted by one of our Range Safety Officers (RSO) who will assign you a shooting lane and, if you are renting, get you your rental firearm. The Range Safety Officers are in charge. You should do exactly what the Range Safety Officer tells you to do. If you have questions, comply first, then ask about the rule or range command.

    You are required to know and follow the range rules.

  • Coat hooks are provided to hang up jackets or range bags.
  • Staplers are also provided to assist you in hanging your targets if needed.
  • If you are not familiar with how to operate the target retriever or if you are unfamiliar with the firearms you are shooting, be sure to ask the Range Safety Officer and they will be happy to help you get started.
  • Only shoot your own targets and only shoot at the targets. You do not want to shoot at any target that is not in your lane. You also do not want to shoot at target frames, support posts - anything other than the target itself.
  • Whenever you present a firearm to anyone for any reason, always do so with the action open and the barrel pointed in a safe direction (down range). This is the standard way of demonstrating that the firearm is unloaded and safe to handle.
  • Always keep the barrel of the firearm pointed away from people at all times, even if it is unloaded. Keep you finger outside the trigger guard except when you are actually ready to shoot (even if the firearm is unloaded).
  • CEASEFIRES are used whenever all shooting must stop. The RSO is NOT the only person who can call a ceasefire. Anyone who spots a potential problem should call, "Ceasefire!" The RSO will repeat the words and see to it that all firing stops immediately. During a ceasefire, there should be no handling of firearms. The key things to remember are:
    • Chamber is empty and ammunition source (magazine) is removed.
    • Action is open.
    • Hands off!
    • Step away from the firing line.
  • Once you are done shooting, ensure your firearm is clear and safe and that there is no ammunition left in the magazine or storage case. If you had rented a gun, allow the Range Safety Officer to pack up the rental gun and retrieve your gun rental tag.
  • Be sure you have all your personal belongings, range pass, and any rental passes before you exit the range.

After Leaving the Range:

  • After exiting the range please wash your hands. Sinks and D-Lead hand soap are available to wash your hands free of any lead contaminants.
  • Take your range pass and any rental passes back to the range counter and retrieve your photo ID.
  • Be sure to look around the rest of the Heritage Guild and notice our extensive inventory of new/used firearms, accessories, ammunition, and archery equipment. Ask an associate for a tour of our other ranges and our archery section including our 20 yard indoor archery range!

For printable PDF, please click here.