Try Before You Buy... AND SAVE!

This program is designed to help you choose a firearm that works best for YOU. By participating in The Heritage Guild "Try Before You Buy" program, you are able to test fire multiple firearms in our range and determine which gun fits you. You even receive a $40 credit towards a purchase of a firearm on the day you participate!

What's the cost of this program?
  • $80 per Session
What's included in that price?
  • Range time (30 min.) to test fire guns.
  • Dedicated sales associate to assist with test fires and answer any product questions.
  • Four (4) firearms rentals of your choice from range rental catalog.
  • Eye and Ear Protection.
Are there any additional fees?
  • Ammunition = varies (dependent upon caliber of firearms selected).
  • Additional Firearm Rentals = $10 each
  • Target = $1.25 and up
How do I participate?

You can visit The Heritage Guild of Easton, speak with any of our sales associates, and mention you are interested in taking advantage of this program. If you have selected the firearms you would like to test fire in advance, just let the sales associate know what your choices are. If not, they will be more than happy to help you determine what would be best for you.

Here are suggested firearms categories to choose from when you select any four guns to rent:
You mentioned a $40 credit, how does that work and are there other savings?

Yes! By participating in this program, you will receive a savings on rentals and range time (compared to walk-in pricing) as well as receive a $40 credit to be used the day of the test fires towards the purchase of the firearm you decided was best (valid on layaway setups that day).