Advanced Archery Course

Cost per Student: $60

The Advanced Archery Class is the succession in archery education for students who have completed our Intermediate Archery Course. In the advanced class, the archer will pick the discipline they wish to pursue; Recurve/Olympic Bow, Compound Bow, or Long Bow.

The student will learn to use sights, release aids, and other advanced equipment and techniques.  Refinement of shooting form and breathing techniques will be addressed. The Advanced Archery Class is generally 60 minutes in length and combines an even mix of time spent between educational materials and shooting practice where students will reinforce the skills they have learned in the Intermediate Archery Course.

The session will provide participants with the opportunity to query shooting aspects and request assistance for individual problems. This session, with instructor on hand to answer any questions or to assist with any problems, will add to the archer's confidence and will complement the previous lessons taken. In this course, the archer will need to own and bring their equipment.

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Students MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class start in order to attend.

See our Archery Range Rules And Qualifying Requirements.

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This course will cover:

  • Classes open to all ages 10 and above. Parents & young adults are encouraged to enroll in the course together.
  • The archer will need to provide his/her own equipment.
  • Parents or guardians not participating are to remain with their young adults (those under eighteen years of age) until the lesson ends. Waiver releases are required for all students to participate on ranges. Youth under 18 requires a waiver to be signed on site by parent / guardian to participate. See "Archery Range Rules and Qualifying Requirements."
  • Students should dress appropriately with flat, closed toe shoes. Clothing should be relatively snug around the chest and arms.
  • The Beginner and Intermediate Archery Courses are prerequisites to taking this course.

See our Archery Range Rules And Qualifying Requirements.