AR-15 Build Class

TIME: 4 hours (classroom and range time)
FEE: $200.00

Who is this course for?

This class is designed for the novice gun builder.

  • Student must be 21 years or older.
  • Students must provide a stripped lower receiver (can be purchased before class from any FFL).

What can you expect?

Each student will learn how the AR-15 and each of its components work. During this class, students will build their very own rifle and test fire it on our range.

What materials will you be provided?
  • We supply the knowledge, tools, and expertise.
  • AR lower receivers and parts can be purchased through any of our stores with a 10% discount on AR parts (excluding receivers) when you show proof of enrollment in this class.
  • Besides the lower receiver, all parts can be purchased during the class, if so desired. (Depending on availability and compatibility of parts, i.e., not all parts are compatible with all configurations of AR type rifles)
  • Students will be contacted shortly after enrolling in this class so we can ascertain the parts needs ahead of time.

The Course Outline:
  • Students will learn how to completely assemble a military spec the AR-15 from readily available parts.
    • Barrel and gas tube
    • Upper receiver and bolt carrier
    • Lower receiver and complete trigger group
    • Stocks, sights, and slings

Additional Information:
  • If you haven't received a call and have questions relating to this class, please call the training academy director at 610.258.5500 ext 107. The instructor will be happy to go over your chosen build and make sure everything is in order to ensure you can complete your rifle and test fire it during this class.
  • NJ residents may also participate in the build class. A Heritage Guild gunsmith may be required to make any state required alterations to your rifle in order to make it NJ compliant. (It is possible your rifle may be not be fully completed during class, depending on the alterations required)