AR-15 Cleaning Seminars

LOCATION: Branchburg, NJ; Easton, PA
TIME: 3 hours
FEE: $20.00

Are you new to firearms? Just purchased your first gun? Curious about how to disassemble or maintain guns? Join us for a seminar on how to clean and maintain your new AR-15.

In this seminar, we will discuss how to safely and properly disassemble and maintain your AR-15 or similar style rifle. We will show you areas to inspect, clean, and properly lubricate.

The seminar will be about two to three hours long. The first hour will be hands on with one of our firearms so you can see for yourself where to properly clean and lubricate. We'll explain the parts of the firearm, how to take it apart and properly re-assemble it, and then how to do a proper function check to ensure the firearm is still in working order.

In the second hour, we will open up the floor to you for a hands-on Q&A. Bring your firearm and we'll show you gun cleaning specifics with your gun, things to look for, and inspect the rifle for broken or worn parts inside your gun.

Register for one of our sessions at any of our three locations.

Easton, PA

- Sunday, February 26th, 10AM-1PM
- Sunday, May 21st, 10AM-1PM
- Sunday, August 27th, 10AM-1PM
- Sunday, November 26th, 10AM-1PM

Branchburg, NJ

- Thursday, April 13th, 5PM-8PM
- Thursday, July 13th, 5PM-8PM
- Thursday, October 12th, 5PM-8PM

Rahway, NJ

- Thursday, May 11th, 5PM-8PM

PLEASE NOTE: There are special instructions for bringing your own firearm to this seminar which can be found on the registration page for the course. No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom! Please bring any specialty or necessary tools to disassemble or for reassembly, if needed.

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