Basics of Self Defense Handgun

TIME: 8 hours (4 hours classroom; 4 hours range)
FEE: $250.00

Who is this course for?

This course is for the experienced handgun owner. It consists of three hours classroom time, with a 4-5 hour live fire portion.

What can you expect?

This is a non-NRA course and is designed to prepare the student for the realities involved in a defensive shooting scenario.

Students will learn basic defensive handgun strategies as well as how to properly respond to a violent confrontation. This course has a strong focus on holster draw technique and equipment selection.

Students are required to provide a handgun and ammunition (250 rds) forthis course, student must also provide a strong side hip holster, 3magazines and one double magazine pouch.

What materials will you be provided?
  • Students will receive a Gun safety rules brochure
  • Completion certificate (Heritage Certificate)

The Course Outline:

  • Responsible and ethical use
  • The importance of mindset and states of awareness
  • Mental and physical preparation for a potentially deadly encounter
  • Principals of combat accuracy
  • Cover and concealment
  • Identify target areas on opponent
  • Shoot targets center of mass
  • Flash sight picture
  • Tuelor drill
  • Firearms laws pertaining to carry and self defense
  • Possession, ownership, and use of deadly force
  • Legal resources
  • Procedure for notifying and meeting the police
  • Review, questions and answers

Additional Information

Students are required to supply their own eye and ear protection, handgun, strong side hip or drop leg holster, magazine pouch, and no less than three magazines and 200 rounds of ammunition (1911 style pistols will only be allowed if the student is pre-qualified by the instructor). Firearm NOT supplied in course.

Prerequisites: Students must have either completed Handgun Core Fundamentals, NRA Basic Pistol, or have been pre-qualified by a Heritage Guild instructor via Private Lesson prior to attending this course.