The Heritage Guild Handgun Core Fundamentals

TIME: 6 hours (3 hours classroom; 1 hour simulator; 2 hours range)
FEE: $150.00

Who is this course for?

This course is a stepping stone from Handgun 101 and offers a more in depth discussion of the core principles of handguns.

This course is designed for the beginner to experienced firearms enthusiast who has already purchased or is considering buying their own handgun.

What can you expect?

It consists of classroom time with simulation and live fire portions. Students will learn how to properly handle, store, clean, and fire three major handgun action types, as well as fire them in different shooting positions.

What materials will you be provided?

Each student will receive a copy of our course shooting handbook and completion certificate at the end of this course.

Ammunition and firearms are supplied for this course.

The Course Outline:
  • Pistol safety, parts, and operation.
    • Fundamental safe gun-handling rules.
    • Three major handgun parts on each of the three action types.
    • Safely demonstrate how to handle a handgun properly (all three types).
  • Ammunition and pistol shooting fundamentals.
    • Determine proper ammunition for your handgun.
    • Cover three types of cartridge malfunctions.
    • Determine eye dominance.
  • Explain range commands and procedures to follow.
    • Discuss the rules when shooting and storing a handgun.
    • Reiterate all five shooting fundamentals.
    • Explain fundamentals of pistol shooting from the two-handed standing position.
    • Safely shoot a target from the two-handed standing position.
  • Pistol Cleaning, Storage, and Training
    • Identify materials needed to clean a handgun.
    • Outline safety guidelines when cleaning a handgun.
    • Demonstrate proper disassembly and cleaning of a handgun.
    • Explain how to store firearms and ammunition properly.
    • Identify further training opportunities and advancement.