Heritage Guild Family Firearm Safety: $65.00

1.5 hours.....1.5 hours classroom, 0 minutes range

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to prepare you and your family to properly handle a wide variety of firearms.

What can you expect?

You will learn how to properly handle, store, and clean a firearm; how ammunition works, how to identify different types of firearms and actions; and how to safely unload a firearm. The course focuses strongly on storage methods and educating children on the proper way to handle any encountered firearm both inside and outside the home. All firearms, workbooks, and certificates are provided in this class.

What materials will you be provided?
  • Heritage Firearm Safety Guide and Heritage completion certificate

The Course Outline:
  • Rules for safe gun handling 
  • Basic Elements of safety
  • Three fundamental safe gunhandling rules
  • Safety when storing firearms
  • Responsibility to teach safety to children
  • Identifying and unloading different types of firearms
  • Define handgun, rifle, & shotgun
  • Practical Exercises Unload and handle firearms mentioned above
  • Types and function of ammunition
  • Identify different types of rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammunition 
  • Cleaning and storage of firearms
  • Transportation of firearms NJ and PA