How do I purchase a firearm?
What do I do first?
Where do I start?

These are some of the most common questions our sales department is asked on a daily basis. Most people experience difficulty maneuvering the state and federal laws and guidelines. As always, The Heritage Guild is here to be a reliable source of information to our customers and educate them on the process of purchasing a firearm in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

We are now offering a seminar* at each of our store locations called, "How to Become a Responsible Firearm Owner." This seminar is for anyone who is considering purchasing a firearm, but does not know where to start.

Each seminar is approximately one hour and covers the following topics:

  1. State of Residence Requirements (NJ and PA)
  2. Federal Requirements - Review of 4473 Paperwork and NICS/PICS Background Check Process
  3. Transportation of a Firearm
  4. Storage of a Firearm
  5. Educational and Recreational Opportunities at The Heritage Guild
  6. Question and Answer Session

These seminars are FREE to attend and are offered on Tuesday nights from 5PM to 6PM, three times a month at varying locations. The schedule is below:

  • First Tuesday of the Month: 5PM-6PM - Easton Store
  • Second Tuesday of the Month: 5PM-6PM - Branchburg Store
  • Third Tuesday of the Month: 5PM-6PM - Rahway Store

*The "How to Become a Responsible Firearm Owner" is a strictly informative seminar meant to educate people on the basics of acquiring a firearm. This seminar is NOT to be construed as legal advice. The Heritage Guild recommends referring to either NJ2C3-4 Criminal Justice Code in NJ or Title 18 in PA.