Heritage Guild Level II Tactical Carbine

TIME: 4 hours (range time)
FEE: $250.64

Who is this course for?

Ready to take your carbine skills to the next level? This is it... Level 2 Tactical Carbine is a fast paced course, on close quarters rifle handling, and an introduction to transitions from one weapon system to another on the move.

What can you expect?

Four hours on the range between demo and drills.

This course will review concepts learned in Level 1 Tactical Carbine and expand upon them. Students are required to have taken Heritage Guild Level 1 Tactical Handgun AND Carbine prior to this course as we will be transitioning from handgun to rifle and vice versa. Strong focus on movement with barricade drills and close quarter shooting.

Firearms are NOT supplied in this course. All students are required to bring a rifle chambered in 7.62x39 or lower caliber (such as 5.56x45, etc.), a sling (three point recommended, but single or double will do), double magazine pouch, three magazines, and 250 rounds of ammo.

PLUS... Bring a handgun, strong side holster, double magazine pouch, three magazines, and 100 rounds of ammo.

Note: If you do not have a rifle and wish to rent one for this course, please contact Training Academy at 610.258.5500, option 4.

What materials will you be provided?
  • Students will receive a Heritage Guild completion certificate.

The Course Outline:
  • Equipment review and worn location (rifle and pistol).
  • Slung positions (rifle).
  • Draw stroke and proper retention (pistol).
  • Strong hand and weak hand shooting - both rifle and pistol.
  • Wounded drills.
  • Transition from rifle to pistol.
  • Barricade drills, room clearing concepts, movement, and more!