NRA Basic Pistol Course: $200.00

8 hours... 5 hours classroom, 3 hour range


Who is this course for?

This course is for novice and experienced firearms enthusiasts who own a handgun. It consists of five hours of classroom time, with up to a three hour live fire portion.

What can you expect?

This course is a great opportunity for you to learn and have fun. You will have the option to select handguns from our rental dept. to try free of charge. The following handguns are available for trial during this class:

  • .45 acp
  • .40 S&W
  • 9mm
  • .38 spl
  • .22LR

Download our rental catalog to see a list of specific handguns that are available for students of this course. (Please note that only those handguns that fit the criteria specified above will be available for students of this course.) 

During the course you will learn how to properly handle, store, clean and fire three major handgun action types; as well as fire them in three different shooting positions.

Range time is more involved than the first steps class. Firearms and ammunition are supplied (although students may bring their own), and there will be a written test at the end of the course.

What materials will you be provided?

  • Student achievement card and completion certificate (Satisfies range safety requirements at most clubs and ranges, also satisfies training requirements for a concealed carry permit if so desired)
  • NRA basic firearms training program brochure
  • Gun safety rules brochure
  • Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook

The Course Outline:
  • Pistol safety, parts and operation
    • Three fundamental safe gun-handling rules
    • Three major handgun parts on each of the three action types
    • Safely demonstrate how to handle a handgun properly (all three types)
  • Ammunition and pistol shooting fundamentals
    • Determine proper ammunition for your handgun
    • Three types of cartridge malfunctions
    • Determine dominant eye
    • Explain fundamentals of pistol shooting from the bench rest position
  • Pistol shooting from the bench rest position
    • Pistol shooting from the bench rest position
    • Explain range commands and procedures to follow
    • Discuss eight NRA rules when shooting and storing a handgun
    • Safely shoot a target from the bench rest position
    • Reiterate all five shooting fundamentals
    • Explain fundamentals of pistol shooting from the two handed standing position
    • Safely shoot a target from the two handed standing position
    • Explain fundamentals of pistol shooting from the one handed standing position
    • Safely shoot a target from the one handed standing position
  • Pistol Cleaning, Storage, and Training
    • Identify materials needed to clean a handgun
    • Outline safety guidelines when cleaning a handgun
    • Demonstrate proper disassembly and cleaning of a handgun
    • Explain how to store firearms and ammunition properly
    • Identify shooting sports, activities, and further training opportunities

What are they saying about NRA Basic Pistol Course?

"Excellent course and facility. Instructors are first-rate, friendly, and patient."

"Glad I took the course. I was a little apprehensive about taking the course and shooting. I feel much more comfortable after taking the course."

"This is a very un-intimidating beginner course. Teachers made us feel like no question was stupid. I loved it!"

"I am ready to grow into other guns. Thank you. Excellent course."

"Good class, welcoming instructors, lots of one-on-one attention in the range, great resources. Thank you!"

"Great facility, great instructors, very thorough! Enjoyed it very much."

"The instructors were fantastic! Well spoken, truly professional, and well organized. I will be recommending both this course and Heritage Guild."

"As a beginner, I felt this course was informative and comprehensive."

"Loved the course. It was an enjoyable day!"

"Excellent course - exceeded my expectations. Clone the instructor."

"Will recommend this course at this site!"

"Very well structured course. I felt this instructor was top-quality skilled. This course was what I was expecting in all ways. Thanks."

"The course was great and I would HIGHLY recommend to others."

"I would recommend this to any/everyone!"

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I will highly recommend this class."

"Course well laid out and instructors were well-learned on their areas."