Practical Defense 101: $100.00

2 hours... 1 hour classroom and 1 hour simulator

Who is this course for?

Designed to prepare students to make decisions in real life defensive situations by placing them into scenarios they would encounter on a regular basis.


What can you expect?

This class will focus on one student at a time in a realistic scenario and allow the other students to make their own observations as they rotate through each simulated encounter.

The simulator allows students to assess their mindset and decision-making skills in a realistic environment. Each scenario is followed by a detailed debrief covering topics like defensive mindset, weapon/gear selection, weapon retention techniques, decision-making, and observation skills.

Please DO NOT bring personal firearms or ammunition to the classroom. NO LIVE FIRE.


What materials will you be provided?
  • Guns
  • Simulator
  • Student Materials

The Course Outline:
  • Decision-making 101.
  • Weapon orientation/function.
  • Basic holster presentation.
  • Use of verbal commands.
  • Target/Threat identification.
  • Escape and other evasive options.
  • Debrief session.