Self Defense Pepper Spray: $85.00

4.0 hours

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to integrate situational awareness and avoiding dangerous encounters, with the use of safe, legal, pepper spray products to defend yourself from an attack and get to safety!

What can you expect?

Our certified pepper spray instructors guide you through this fun and educational course so that you can safely and legally use pepper spray products to defend yourself from an attack and get to safety. The course includes everything you need to begin carrying pepper spray for your protection.

What materials will you be provided?
  • 3 training cartridges (for practical exercises)
  • 1 Live SABRE Pepper spray device
  • Civilian Safety Awareness Program Packet and student manual
  • SABRE and Heritage Guild course completion certificates

The Course Outline:
  • Attacker's psychology (what makes them tick)
  • Awareness and avoidance techniques
  • Different level of mental awareness
  • Your mental and physiological reactions to a threatening encounter
  • How to handle a threatening or violent physical encounter
  • Defensive body positions and posture
  • How to deploy pepper spray properly using actual cartridges in the class room
  • Tactical deployment, and decontamination procedure
  • Use of spray, fogger, and foam products
  • The effects of pepper spray
  • Legal justification for use of force
  • Carry considerations