Archery Ranges and Rules

Archery Ranges & Rules

The Heritage Guild of Easton: Indoor Archery Range

Business Hours

Monday through Wednesday: 10AM – 6PM
Thursday and Friday: 10AM – 7PM
Saturday and Sunday: 9AM – 6PM

The Heritage Guild of Easton is conveniently located just off Exit 75 on Route 78. Coming from NJ on Route 78 West, we are off the first exit in PA, just after the toll booths. Click here for directions.

Our climate controlled 15-lane indoor firearms range, 6-lane rifle range, 8-lane tactical range, and archery range are the only modern indoor ranges within a 35-mile radius around Easton, PA. State-of-the-art air quality and filtering system ensures that the air inside the range remains smoke free. Fully air conditioned and heated. Wheelchair accessible. Coffee Lounge. Full-time Range Safety Officers. We carry the area’s largest selection of firearms & bows, ammunition & arrows, targets, safety equipment, and accessories.

*Please call ahead on Saturdays and Sundays for availability of the archery range. We are currently running events and classes and the range may be closed. Thank you.

More about The Heritage Guild of Easton Training Academy.


The Heritage Guild of Branchburg: Indoor & Outdoor Archery Ranges

Business Hours

Monday and Tuesday: 10AM – 6PM
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday and Friday: 10AM – 6PM
Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
Sunday: CLOSED

The Heritage Guild of Branchburg is Central Jersey’s best equipped archery center. More than 5,000 square feet of indoor space houses our archery & firearms store, the indoor test archery range and classrooms. Come take a class or sight in your bow and get ready for target shooting or hunting. The Heritage Guild of Branchburg provides the area’s only opportunity for customers to purchase and train in archery at the same location.


*Please call ahead on Saturdays for availability of the archery ranges. We are currently running events and classes and the range may be closed. Thank you.

Our new, 8-Lane, 60 yard outdoor Archery Range (Handicapped Accessible) is ready to test your skill. Targets are set at 10, 20, 30, and 40 yards to allow the beginner or experienced archer to hone his/her ability. We’ve added 3D targets too! Our archery ranges are available for Birthday Parties, Fundraisers and Corporate Events.

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Archery Range Policies and Procedures

Range Rules
  1. Only authorized archers are permitted to use the archery ranges (see “Qualifying Requirements”).
  2. The Heritage Guild, at its discretion, may take any and all necessary action to assure the safe operation and use of its facilities.
  3. Heritage Guild Archery Placards must be visible and worn on one’s person at all times while on the range.
  4. Permitted Equipment: Longbow, Recurve or Compound bow. Full size Crossbow with minimum draw weight of 75 pounds. (Pistol style crossbow is not permitted). The Heritage Guild reserves the right and has final decision on what may be permitted on the range.
  5. Only Target /Field Points are allowed. No fixed/mechanical or hunting style broadheads allowed!
  6. Personal equipment must be inspected by the individual and maintained for safe operation.
  7. No firearms or hunting allowed.
  8. No more than six (6) arrows/bolts (one end) will be shot at each relay.
  9. Relay time will not exceed 10 minutes
  10. All shooting will be from the marked firing line only.
  11. Only straight in-lane shooting is permitted. No crossing shots, roving or clout.
  12. When a “Cease Fire” is called, all arrows/bolts are to be removed from the bows and all bows are to be placed safely on a bow rack. Crossbows must have arrow/bolt removed and the safety engaged.
  13. Once all bows are secured on a bow rack (crossbows not cocked and unloaded) and the firing line is declared “Clear”, archers may enter the range to retrieve their arrows/bolts downrange.
  14. When the firing line is declared “Hot”, archers may retrieve their bows from the bow rack, approach the firing line, nock arrows/bolts and resume.
  15. The Heritage Guild reserves the right to revoke usage rights to any individual who does not comply with the Archery Range Rules.
Qualifying Requirements

To use our archery ranges, one must complete our Archery Safety Questionnaire and provide proof of having passed an accredited archery safety course* offered by any of the following organizations:

  • Heritage Guild Beginner Archery Course*
  • Boy & Girl Scout Archery Merit Badge Holder or Instructor*
  • Centershot Ministries*
  • Go Archery*
  • International Bowman’s Organization (IBO)*
  • National Alliance for the Development of Archery (NADA)*
  • National Archery Association (NAA)*
  • National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)*
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)*
  • National Field Archery Association (NFAA)*
  • National/State 4-H Shooting Sports Program*
  • NJ Bow or All-Around NJ Hunters License*
  • USA Archery*
  • Union County, NJ Archery Range ID Card*

**Not applicable for crossbows. One MUST complete The Heritage Guild Beginner Crossbow Course to use a crossbow on our ranges. No exceptions.

Archery Handout

Download the latest copy (11/2019) of the Archery Range Rules.