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Machine Guns



Full autos are available for corporate events, social occasions, bachelor/ette parties!

Event participants must be 21 or older or have a parent or guardian present during the event. Participants 18-21 years old may shoot handguns & machine guns with parent or guardian. MINORS CANNOT USE MACHINE GUNS! We recommend calling ahead and reserving a machine gun (610.258.5500).

No hidden fees! Rental includes gun, range time, eye/ear protection, targets, and one-on-one instruction! Our Range Safety Officers will teach you how to load, fire, unload, and clear these awesome Full Autos! Guest fee: $20 for each additional person per machine gun.

  • Heckler & Koch MP5 (9mm): $50
  • IMI Uzi (9mm): $50
  • 10" US Auto Weapons M4 (5.56 x 45mm): $50
  • 16" US Auto Weapons M4 (5.56 x 45mm): $50
  • Galil SAR (5.56 x 45mm): $50
  • G36 Heckler & Koch (5.56 x 45mm): $50
  • Thompson M1 (1921) 45ACP: $50
  • Tippman Arms M4-22 Long Rifle: $50
  • FN 249 (5.56 x 45mm): $85
  • Barrett Firearms 240LW (.308): $85
  • Browning 1919 (.308): $85


Machine Gun rentals DO NOT include the cost of ammunition. When renting our machine guns, you must use ammunition purchased at The Heritage Guild.

  • Uzi, M4, MP5, Thompson, Galil, G36: Buy Ammunition by the Box
  • Barrett 240LW & Browning 1919 (50 Rounds): $85 per Belt
  • FN249 (50 Rounds): $65 per Belt


Become A Member And Enjoy The Perks!

The Heritage Guild is proud to offer both Firearms and Archery Range memberships with great benefits to accommodate your budget and needs. Your Membership also allows you to share your love of the sport with family & friends.

With discounts on ammo, accessories + more (up to 6% OFF ALL PURCHASES!) the perks of membership are awesome!

Heritage Guild Membership Pricing and Information

Heritage Guild Machine Gun
UZI Machine Gun


We sell gift cards in all denominations. They make the perfect gift! Cards are available at all locations and can be used in any of our stores.

Heritage Guild Professional Gunsmith


The Heritage Guild offers standard and specialized gunsmith and bowtech services for all of your equipment needs. The Branchburg, NJ location has a bowtech on-site and the Rahway, NJ store has a gunsmith available to service firearms. All locations can provide gunsmith services.