Ranges At The Heritage Guild


Heritage Guild of Easton Firearms Range:

At the Heritage Guild of Easton, PA - we have over 160 firearms to rent, from historic/vintage firearms to today's models.  We provide three distinct indoor firearms ranges - our 15 lane 50' range, 6 lane 75' rifle range, and 8 lane 75' tactical range. In addition, our Easton, PA location houses a 10-yard indoor archery range. Come give it a try!

Safety is a priority at The Heritage Guild firearms shooting range. We educate and prepare our customers to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience at our firing range programs. New customers to the firearms range will be expected to complete a brief information sheet, sign an insurance waiver and view our range safety video (annually).

If a minor will be coming to the range accompanied by anyone other than a parent or legal guardian, please call ahead for more information.

Range time is $20 per person, per hour.
$10 per hour for a minor (must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and share a port).
  • Eye and Ear Protection Rental: $10
  • Handguns: $20 + cost of ammunition
  • Long Guns: $20 + cost of ammunition
  • 18 and older to rent long guns.
  • 21 and over to rent handguns - unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


  • Handguns: 22 - 50
  • Long Guns: 22 - .30-06
  • Shot Guns: Buck or Slug

Final range check-in one hour 15 minutes before closing time. Thank you.

Important: If you have never visited The Heritage Guild range before, or it has been over a year since your last visit, please complete our range waiver form and bring to the range with you on your next visit. Click to print and complete the firearms range waiver form.

Our climate controlled 15-lane indoor firearms range, 6-lane rifle range, 8-lane tactical range, and archery range are the only modern indoor ranges within a 35-mile radius around Easton, PA. State-of-the-art air quality and filtering system ensures that the air inside the range remains smoke free. Fully air conditioned and heated. Wheelchair accessible. Full-time Range Safety Officers.

Heritage Guild Gun Range
Heritage Guild Gun Range 3
Heritage Guild Gun Range 2